Job Board FAQs

Employers who submit a job posting cannot go back and edit or delete their submission. Please contact us at if you need to make any changes to your job post.

The focus for this site will include jobs in Southeast Oregon located within or nearby Harney and Malheur Counties. The location parameters for this site may expand in the future to encompass more of Eastern Oregon, but we would like to localize the area for now.

This is a job board specific to natural resources, the type of jobs that can be listed will fall under any of the following categories: fish and wildlife, forestry/wildland fire, rangeland, botany, biological sciences, agriculture science, soil sciences, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), or other related fields.

Please allow up to 5 business days for listings to appear since each submission is reviewed by the SE Oregon Job Board advisor.

For jobseekers looking to apply for jobs on this site, follow the link or contact information provided by the employer and proceed following their instructions. Make sure to attach all documents that are required by the employer, including but not limited to transcripts, a cover letter, resume, and/or list of references, and fill out any additional questions that may be asked.

If you have any questions not listed above or additional feedback, please contact us at

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