Forest & Range Collaborative Coordinator

High Desert Partnership

Hines, Oregon

Job Type: Full Time

Salary: $60,00 - $70,000 commensurate with experience, 401 K match, health benefits, paid holidays & vacation

Start / End Dates: March 1, 2024 or sooner

About the Organization: High Desert Partnership is a nonprofit organization with a dedicated board of directors along with a team of seven permanent staff based in Harney County. We are in the business of bringing people together to find common ground in addressing rural challenges and opportunities. By working together we’ve found practical ways to tackle some of our community’s challenges—restoring forests and wetlands, mitigating wildfire, creating opportunities for youth, and growing our local economy. We value building trusting and genuine relationships with diverse partners. We are grassroots and growing and seek candidates with adaptability and resilience for evolving programs.

About the job location: Harney County is the largest county in land area in Oregon. Located in far south eastern Oregon, about 75% of the land base is publicly managed. This position will need to regularly be in Harney County to build collaborative relationships with partners and work with a team-based staff environment. Candidates who have a love and concern for Harney County are encouraged to apply. We have dedicated office space at High Desert Partnership in Hines, OR. Travel within Harney County will also be required.

Why we need you: High Desert Partnership continues to grow. We are committed to supporting collaborative work occurring in Harney County in rangelands and forests to address complex issues from increased wildfire caused by exotic annual grass invasion to decreased forest health from overstocking of timber. You will play an essential role in (a) helping these collaborative initiatives in achieving holistic landscape scale land management through consensus based decision making, (b) building relationships with inclusivity to have diverse partners working together and (c) implementing restoration projects of the collaboratives, including contracting and administration of projects in forest and rangelands. Key traits we are looking for in this position include: strong understanding and experience in ecologically-based land management practices in sagebrush steppe and dry pine forests, curiosity to learn and deeply understand the HDP mission and eastern Oregon lifestyles, work in a team setting but without day to day supervision, ability to empathize and see the value in multiple points of view.

Position Purpose: We seek a full-time Forest & Range Ecological coordinator who will work closely in a team environment to lead two ecological collaboratives that HDP supports in forest and sagebrush steppe ecosystems in southeastern Oregon. We place a high value on intentional relationship building and we strive to be inclusive and have diverse partners at our collaboratives. The ecological coordinator will work closely with the Shared Science and Monitoring Coordinator, the Communications Coordinator and Harney Basin Ecological Coordinator as well as professional facilitators to achieve the goals of these collaborative groups.

Position details:

  • Support Forest and Rangeland Collaboratives: Includes logistical coordination, partner relationship building based in trust and accountability, communications assistance, development of shared science and adaptive management, assisting in grant writing, contracts, agreements, and reporting.
  • Collaborative Project Implementation: Hire contractors to perform ecological restoration actions, coordinate across partners for necessary resources, and visit project work sites to evaluate contractor progress on certain projects.
  • Information Stewardship: Work closely with HDP staff and collaborative partners for effective management and sharing of information. This includes working with the monitoring coordinator on implementing monitoring protocols, leading collaborative outreach events including field tours, workshops, and presentations. Assisting the communications coordinator with implementing communication plans of the collaboratives.
  • Additional duties: Keep HDP board updated on the accomplishments and progress of the collaboratives by attending HDP board meetings, participation in professional development and skill building workshops, maintain accurate records of work, be the liaison between collaborative partners and funding agencies.

Qualifications / Experience Level Required:

Below are important qualifications for a candidate. We recognize diversity of experiences and training can create these skill sets. We encourage you to apply if you have a deep interest in working collaboratively.

Education and Certifications
  • Preferred: Bachelor’s of Science degree in a natural resources related field.

  • Preferred: Masters of Science degree in forestry or rangeland sciences.

  • Preferred: Ranching & livestock and /or forestry experience.

  • Required: Valid driver’s license and acceptable driving record.

Leadership capabilities and management experience
  • Ability to supervise field staff and contractors.

Computer/software skills
  • Fluency with standard office software and technology (e.g., Microsoft Office, Google Suite, video conferencing, ArcGIS etc.).

Communication skills
  • Experience in meeting facilitation and/or group coordination.

  • Excellent verbal and written communication.

  • Ability to develop and deliver presentations to small- to medium-sized audiences.

  • Ability to write progress reports, assist in grant writing, and prepare documents for outreach or funders.

  • Ability to listen and consider alternative opinions.

  • Ability to effectively communicate with diverse partners.

Other knowledge and abilities
  • Ability to manage multiple/complex objectives and maintain own deadlines.

  • Ability and willingness to be physically present for meetings and field-based work.

  • Knowledge of the Great Basin and Ponderosa Pine Forest ecosystems and experience with systems approach to landscape scale management.

  • Self-starter who works effectively both alone and when coming together as a team.

Attitudes and Behaviors
  • Strong sense of community and collaboration.

  • Curiosity to learn and understand more about High Desert Partnership collaboratives and Eastern Oregon lifestyle.

  • Ability to empathize with others.

  • Values inclusivity, trust, and compassion.

  • Highly organized and ability to work independently with little supervision.

Thank you for your interest in the Forest & Range Collaborative Coordinator position at High Desert Partnership. If you have questions or would like to learn more about the position, please contact Brenda Smith, Executive Director, at or Josh Hanson, at

Apply online at: 3

Housing: No


Brenda Smith

Application Closes: 02-23-24

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