Malheur Biological Technician

Friends of Malheur National Wildlife Refuge

Princeton, OR

Job Type: Full-Time (Seasonal)

Salary: $2,531/mo

Start / End Dates: 05/13/24 – 08/16/24

The incumbent will serve as a Wildlife Biology Intern in support of Malheur National Wildlife Refuge’s biological programs. They will be responsible for conserving fish, wildlife, and/or plants, their habitats, and habitat restoration programs. Activities will include collecting and recording information and scientific data on habitat conditions, water level readings, aquatic plant production, etc.

Duties May Include

  • Assists in conducting biological surveys as part of ongoing field investigations to gather field data using both active and passive collection methods, depending on the objectives, environmental characteristics, aquatic organism’s behavior, and size.
  • Monitoring and inventory of Monarch Butterflies, Western-ridged Mussels, Plant assemblage trend plots, Weed pre-treatment photos and rapid assessment, Bird surveys, Irrigation flow and data logger measures, Data entry, Data mining of past monitoring and inventory.
  • Other tasks as assigned may include checking and maintaining fish traps, assisting sub-station managers with water diversion related tasks, ongoing lake restoration work, boundary fence assessment and mapping, tasks at Refuge headquarters.
  • Assists in wildlife studies by following standardized research methods and established procedures for accomplishing and reporting the work.
  • Assists in plant monitoring surveys to collect data following standard collection methods.
  • Assists in plant studies by following research methods and established procedures for accomplishing and reporting the work.
  • Collects biological samples ensuring correct documentation, reporting, storage, and transport.
  • Uses automated databases to enter, organize and retrieve field data, using standard statistical methods in preparation of wildlife and/or botany reports.
  • Assist with Refuge/Friends of Malheur NWR outreach activities for youth organizations, local communities, and Refuge visitors.
  • Provide monthly written BLOG posts for the Friends of Malheur NWR eNewsleter, Malheur Musings.

Qualifications / Experience Level Required:

Ability to comprehend and follow written and oral instructions in a group or independent setting.

Aptitude for working outdoors under various environmental conditions and diverse habitats.

Experience with following established protocols for monitoring surveys, use of field equipment, data management software, etc.

U.S. Citizen or otherwise legally authorized to work in the U.S.

Experience Level: Undergraduate, recent graduates, and graduate students

To Apply: Send Cover Letter, Resume, and 3 academic or professional references to Janelle Wicks, AND Travis Miller, by Friday, February 9th 2024.

Housing: Yes


Travis Miller


Application Closes: 02-09-2024

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