Biological Field Technician

Western EcoSystems Technology, Inc.

Pendleton, Oregon

Job Type: Full-Time (Seasonal)

Salary: $20 - $23/hour, DOE

Start / End Dates: March 2024 to August 2024

Western EcoSystems Technology, Inc. (WEST), a dynamic environmental and statistical consulting firm with offices across the United States and Canada, is looking for a temporary, full time Biological Field Technician.


WEST has a permanent core of professionals with broad experience in basic and applied ecological studies and the sophisticated analysis of natural resource data. Since its founding in 1990, the WEST team has shaped the foundation of what we do, and what we believe in through our core values and key principles. Our work matters to our clients, communities, and the environment. Join WEST and discover a company of passionate, committed, and highly motivated individuals.


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Key Details:

  • Compensation: $20 – $23/hour, DOE
  • Housing: Provided
  • Start Date: March 2024
  • End Date: August 2024
  • Location: Pendleton, Oregon
  • Additional Details: Field vehicle provided or mileage reimbursed for personal vehicle use. GPS units and other field equipment  provided by WEST. Hired field technicians are expected to begin work equipped with their own suitable footwear (rugged hiking boots) and clothing.


Job Description:
Primary duties involve:

  • Conducting surveys for Washington ground squirrels by walking transects and locating burrow entrances by visual and auditory cues.
  • Conducting rare plant surveys by walking transects and mapping population occurrences.
  • Fieldwork will require long days under a variety of weather conditions; temperatures during the field season may vary between 30° to 100° F with variable wind speeds.
  • Candidate must be comfortable with hazards typical of the environment (sharp vegetation, driving four-wheel drive vehicles, driving UTVs, carrying 30 pounds of gear, dust, extreme heat and cold).
  • Job duties require use of a compass, rangefinder, Android tablet, and GPS devices.
  • Training will be provided.
  • Anticipated workweek between 40-50 hours; shorter or longer workdays/workweeks may occur depending on the project, seasonal workloads, and weather conditions.


This is a general description of the functions for this position and is not inclusive of the duties which may be associated with this position.

Qualifications / Experience Level Required:

Bachelor’s degree in botany, wildlife management, wildlife biology, natural resources, environmental science, or equivalent degree preferred.

Proficient in plant identification using dichotomous keys.

Able to walk 8-10 miles per day.

Able to work independently or with a crew member and interact positively with project manager, field supervisor, and other coworkers.

Able to hear very high audio frequencies to detect Washington ground squirrel calls.

Preference will be given to individuals with plant survey experience.

Employee must start work on time (surveys often begin at sunrise); maintain focus for long periods of time; follow instructions from manager and team leader; maintain a positive attitude; and accept guidance and constructive criticism. Precise and thorough data collection are essential.

Physical Requirements:

Applicants must be in good physical condition as surveys will require hiking up to 10 miles each day over uneven terrain and will be conducted in locations where temperatures and conditions can be extreme. Surveyors may encounter snakes, insects, and other wildlife.

After an offer of employment is made, the candidate must successfully pass a pre-employment background check, a drug screening, and a DMV records check that meets WEST’s minimum criteria to operate a motor vehicle on behalf of the company. A valid driver’s license will be required. Candidates must adhere to all health and safety requirements.

WEST provides equal employment opportunities to all individuals regardless of their race, color, religion, gender identity or expression, age, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, disability status, genetics, and any protected veteran status, and any other characteristic protected by federal, state or local law. Further, WEST takes affirmative action to ensure that all individuals are treated fairly, and without discrimination, for recruitment, selection, advancement and every other term and privilege associated with employment.

Education: Bachelor’s Degree

Exemption Type:Non-Exempt


Application Closes: 03-01-2024

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